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Trail Pride

Trail walking is increasing in popularity. The benefit of this is that local councils and community organisations are getting on board and creating some really impressive trails.

Dwellingup is gearing up for some major improvements to it’s trail networks and are looking to create a hub, connecting them all- great hey! I’m excited!

The Jarrahdale Heritage Society have a number of trail maps available for trails in the Jarrah forests that are off the beaten track and take walkers through some of the historical regions in the area including one walk which takes you through an old POW camp – very interesting. *For more information contact the Heritage Society at

There are so many lesser known trails out there- so how do we find out about them?  A friend of The Heavy Hiker contacted us last week to ask if we had ever stumbled across an old mine shaft up in the Gosnells hills. I haven’t; but maybe you have?

As The Heavy Hiker gets shared around our network is increasing and I’m putting this post up in the hopes that you will join with me and share your most random, lesser known trail favourite in the comment section. Or perhaps you know of some small not-for-profit organisations who are organising trails in your district; please share that too!

I have a few favourites like Bluff Knoll, Castle Rock, Mt Frankland, Baldwin’s Bluff, Kitty’s Gorge and Mt Dale but they’re not really ‘lesser known’ so I need your help and so do your fellow hikers!

If you’re like me you probably look for any opportunity to name drop the trails you have hiked. It’s terrible, but I do that.

I’m not a small person and so telling people “Yeah, I’ve hiked Bluff Knoll a couple of times,” or “Yeah, the views from the Stirling Ridge Walk are amazing” is often met with raised eyebrows… and I love it.  Sometimes I ‘trail-name’ drop at inappropriate times in my desperation to share:

Friend: “I went to Ledge Point Restaurant on the weekend,”

Hh: “Oh yeah? I hiked from The Dell to South Ledge… wait … what?”

So to avoid another ‘avid-trailwalker’ faux pas how about we take this opportunity to brag about our latest journey with like-minded folk.

Please share your favourite trails and let’s see if we can explore some new trails across WA!

Happy hiking!


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