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Contigo West Loop Autoseal Travel Mug 2.0 – AKA Heaven Mug

I love coffee. No, I LOVE coffee.

Only one a day, but a GOOD one per day.

Often when I set off on a day hike I’ll swing past my favourite coffee van for a flavour infused, sweet elixir of life before setting off in search of sun, solitude and serenity.

But the trouble is that it only lasts for about 15 minutes before the coffee is cold so I have to drink it in the car. I can’t savour a beautiful view while caressing a cup of frothy caffeine goodness. I can’t truly appreciate the smooth, creamy blend while navigating the twists and turns of regional roads. Ok, I’m getting off track.

I’ve often contemplated the idea of purchasing a hand-pump espresso machine but the cost has always warned me away.

Portable espresso machines range from $75 – $199 and while they represent access to a freshly poured cup of Joe I just can’t justify the expense or the additional pack-weight that is required to carry the machine, a canister of hot water and potentially another canister of milk. That’s a LOT of additional pack-weight just for a Perky fix.

So, I had to find a cost effective and viable solution to my coffee woes.

Introducing the Contigo West Loop Autoseal Travel Mug 2.0!

These days most people have a pod coffee machine at home and despite the waste that they produce they do make a decent cup of rocket fuel. *It’s not quite so wasteful if you use the expended grounds in the compost heap!

‘But travel mugs leak!’, I hear you say.

Not this one!

This amazing contraption ACTUALLY completely seals, keeps your liquids warm for a long period and is portable and durable enough to withstand my poor treatment.

Unlike some of its competitors it can be locked so it can be completely inverted in your bag and it still won’t leak – plus it keeps water hot for up to 5 hours, giving you enough time to reach your summit and enjoy your high octane java whilst staring at an incredible view.

‘Tell me more!’, I hear you say.

The mug has a double walled vacuum insulation that keeps your Warmer Upper hot for 5 hours. Check.

The mug is made from stainless steel and can handle being dropped in tough terrain. Check. (Plus it looks a bit rugged with the few dents I’ve exposed it to!)

The mug has a beautiful, easy grip button that you hold during drinking and seals automatically between sips to prevent accidental leakages. Check.

The canister has an internal lid pivot so that you can move the mechanism out of the way to allow for proper cleaning. Check. (No day old milk lurking within this baby!)

Additional to the autoseal is a manual lock on the top that you depress before putting it in your bag; ensuring that even if it’s squashed in amongst your other treasured possessions it can’t be accidentally opened. Double check.

With a 470mL capacity the canister represents a large Wakey Juice by anyone’s standard and the beauty of a full canister is that once it has been emptied it then weighs next to nothing to carry back down the base of your hike.

I’ve had travel mugs before but the Contigo West Loop Autoseal 2.0 is in a league of its own.

‘That must be pricey!’, I hear you say.

Not really. You can get Contigo mugs at a few different retailers now- I got mine at Yahava Coffee in the Swan Valley for about $35 and they’re also available at Kitchen warehouse (In a range of super funky colours) for $29.95

So, if you’re like me and can’t get going without Mother’s Little Helper then maybe the Contigo Travel Mug will save your ‘neck it before it’s cold’ woes.

Points if you can identify how many different nicknames I just used for coffee.

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