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Motivation is a funny thing. It can come and go like the wind.

When you have it, you have the ability to soar to your fullest potential. When you don’t have it, it can be difficult to even manage the normal day-to-day things you know you must do.

I don’t find it difficult to get motivated to get out on the trails, but sometimes I do struggle to stay motivated to complete the full course that I have set myself.

Sometimes, the 25kms I chose becomes a 12km trail as I find a way to shorten the distance back to the safe, blister-free haven of my car.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to get involved in an organised event that will require you to train and form a team. Getting involved with other people can help us stay motivated throughout the season as we spur each other on to achieve what we set out to do.

Are you a competitor? Do you love the challenge and rivalry of organised competitions? Or do you prefer events that consider the achievement to be actually finishing? In any case there may be an event for you!

There are many trails events throughout the year in Western Australia.

Perth Trail Series offer a number of trail running events throughout the year.

Coming up shortly on the 14th August is Truth or Consequences- a 50, 25 or 10 kilometre event through Serpentine Jarrahdale National Park.

Or you may be interested in Moon Shadow a Night Series event through Ellis Brook Valley. 12 Kilometres from 6pm on October 15th.

Both of those events are coming up quickly but if you need a bit more time to prepare your running legs they also hold a ‘Summer Series’ (crazy fools!!) which is selling out fast!

Trail runners also meet for social runs in Kings Park on Thursday nights from 5.55pm.

For more information on the events held by Perth Trail Series check out their website at

It could be that trail running isn’t your thing- well, that’s ok!

There are other events throughout the course of the year designed for trail walkers and to raise money for specific causes.

Oxfam Trailwalker is one of those events. In this event held from 16-18th September teams of four walk 100km or 50km over a 48 or 24 period respectively.

The registration for this event can be a bit costly and it is expected that teams seek out sponsorship to reach their fundraising goals. It’s also necessary to have a support crew for this event so your team of four is supported by an additional two to bring supplies and assistance throughout the 24 or 48 hour period.

That said, what could be more motivating than knowing that your walk will also impact people around the globe living in poverty?

For more information on Trailwalker you can check out .

wp-1468226837006.pngThe Bibbulmun Track Foundation also organise a number of social group walks throughout the year. You can check out a full list of their events at

If you act quickly you could join the Social Sunday Walk – Dale Road to Beraking Campsite on Sunday 7th August at 8.30am. This 19 kilometre return walk is for experienced walkers and if you can keep the pace set by your guide, you can also ascend Mt Dale – the views are worth it!

Whatever the event you choose to become a part of, remember that everyone is on a journey. We’re all trying to better ourselves in one way or another. So if you aren’t the fittest hiker, the most well equipped hiker or the most experienced hiker – that’s OK!

Getting involved with a group will help you expand your skills, abilities and level of experience. Plus, most people you meet out on the trails have a yarn to spin or some kernel of wisdom to share so just by getting involved you’ve already won.

Go on, register for an event and … happy hiking.

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