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Jarrahdale – Mundlimup Timber Trails

Last week we spoke about trail running – today I found the perfect trail jogging loop trail!

Mundlimup Timber Trail is located in Jarrahdale. It’s an easy loop trail offering both a 3 kilometre and 6 kilometre option. The trail is quite flat, making it perfect for beginner trail runners to stretch their legs.

We ventured out on a VERY rainy Tuesday and I was only counting on a short brisk walk but The Restless Hiker had other ideas taking off in a run and a “Catch me if you can Mummy!” Thankfully, her pace slowed at the bridge crossing over the Gooralong Brook and steadied to a manageable jog all the way up the re-constructed saw pit.


The trail takes you through the jarrah forest and there are some notable giant jarrah stumps which have sadly been burnt out over the years. The re-constructed saw pit offers a nice opportunity to chat about the logging history throughout Jarrahdale; though I’m pretty sure at this point The Restless Hiker cared more about how far away the car was.


Just past the saw mill the trail opens out to an access road; turning right takes you back down to the gully or you can turn left and extend your walk for another 3 kilometres through the forest, re-joining the access road further down the road.

Turning right off the access road takes you back onto the narrower trail across the ridge, following Gooralong Brook and onto to the original trail; over the bridge and back to the carpark.


For a short walk, or a nice trail jog Mundlimup Timber Trails is a great little location with some nice historic points along the way. The trail is not a challenge, but sometimes that’s okay too! In the coming weeks I plan to get out to the POW camps out this way as well- so stay tuned for that post.

Jarrahdale Heritage Society have gone to great effort to create and maintain the trails across the township. You can find more information about these trails at The Jarrahdale Heritage Society. The society also offers casual Sunday guided walks where you can learn more about this historic town.

Now, time for a hot chocolate and warm shower!



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