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Rocky Pool – Piesse Brook Kalamunda

After some consistent rains throughout the week the “To-Be-Renamed Happy Hiker formerly known as The Angry Hiker” suggested that we head out for a walk in Kalamunda to Rocky Pool. Disclaimer: We probably didn’t give this walk it’s due respect and it certainly proved a challenge for the recently turned 5,  Restless Hiker.

Arriving at the end of Spring Road we joined the “Kalamunda Walking Trails” marked with a Blue Marker. We decided to take the long way (approx 5km loop) and headed left up the to the top of the hills. The path is well defined and very rocky and as you round the top of the ridge (about 1.5kms from your starting point) the views through the valley make the uphill climb worth it.

 You’re on a 4×4 access track at this point and  at a wide section of path where the water course crosses over and down to the valley you will see a narrow path that heads off to your right (be careful here as I believe the marker is missing – there is a tree that has been ‘debarked’ to the left of the junction but there was no marker when we were there). From there it is down the hillside over some steep, rubble terrain and past some very interesting rocky outcrops where at the bottom you’ll join a wide Bibbulmun track access road and turn left.

Shortly after you’ll cross over the creek (more like a small river at this time of year!) and shortly after that you’ll find the signage to your left indicating you have arrived at Rocky Pool. The area is a great spot for a picnic and if you have little nippers you could always take the short walk in and out from Spring road through the valley only, rather than up the hills first. To do that you’d just head right from the starting point, rather than left and follow the markers in and out. A family was doing this when we arrived with two little 2 year olds so it’s manageable for families!

The various little pools throughout the area are lovely to explore both in the cold of winter and would be equally fun to explore when it’s warm enough for a paddle. Turning back and heading back to where you joined the Bibbulmun the first time, you can walk further South along the access track where you’ll find a short cut tree with multiple markers on it with blue markers indicating you’ll turn right following the river. Following this trail for about 1.5 kilometre offering views to multiple different rocky outcrops and a nice little falls section you’ll climb up for a little while before the trail pans out a bit where you can turn right crossing the little river before turning left when you find the wide trail again. A couple of hundred metres more and you’re back at the car!

Now, it’s worth noting that we had to double back at the ridge-line and come back to find where the smaller trail left the 4×4 access track. The Happy Hiker literally asked for The Silver Hiker’s phone number so that they could start a support group for people I have got lost with, he’ll also be needing to contact The Chatty Hiker and maybe everyone I have ever been out with… (oops). So definitely stay alert as you round the top of the climb on the ridge!

This is a very beautiful walk with multiple look out points through the valley, the pool itself and some very interesting rocky outcrops. Some sites have classed it as a Grade 5 trail and with some steep, rocky sections it’s a challenging walk but not unmanageable for small people.

Happy Hiking. 



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