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Mundaring Weir > Ball Creek Campsite & Return

Today I did the thing I hate… I did a ‘there and back’ hike. I really hate covering the same ground twice but sometimes these things just can’t be helped! Walking on my own today I didn’t have the luxury of a car swap at either end and so I had no choice but to go in and out on the same trail. I will eventually be an “End to Ender” on the Bibbulmun but if this out and back thing continues I’ll have walked the darn thing twice! Anyway… enough grumbling. 

The promise of a beautifully cool and clear day drew me to my maps late last night. There I trawled three map sections  to try and create a loop trail utilising road access points. After two hours of less than compelling map conversation (the Angry Hiker was thrilled) I decided I’d head North to the Weir and make my way to Ball Creek Campsite for a coffee before heading back. 

The whole journey took just over three hours for me with an average day pack and covers approximately 10 kilometres through some appeasing, undulating terrain. It’s not a taxing walk at all and with various viewpoints of the weir and the Perth Hills Discovery Centre to explore in the first couple of kilometres there are some nice little spots to stop and enjoy along the way. I came across a group who were releasing possums (which was fun to watch for a little while), I spotted an emu later and enjoyed the plethora of bird life for the whole length of the trail. Such a brilliantly clear and cool morning.

Today was the first day I’ve been on a decent walk since I quit my job and finished uni. My life has gone from frantically rushing from one deadline to the next to … well … nothing. Quitting my chaotic job was a huge decision, but the peace that comes from leaving behind something that so drains you and steals your joy cannot be adequately measured. My life is mine again. In today’s perfect beauty I was able to allow my mind to explore my deepest depths and with every tread I could feel the scales of mind’s eye falling away, revealing the beauty of peace again.

That was right up until I realised my feet had wandered about as much as my mind and I’d accidentally walked down the Parks and Wildlife access road for a bit and had to backtrack like a drongo to re-join the Bibbulmun at the Discovery Centre. From here you continue up the hill before the trail flattens out and peters off down the other side of the hill towards the campsite; crossing a couple of 4WD access roads along the way.

After enjoying a quiet cuppa, the sound of silence and leaving my note in the guest book I turned heel and before I knew it I was back at my car.  After such a gentle and quiet walk the turning over of my car and the obnoxious intrusion of the radio shocked me back to reality… if only for a little while…

Happy hiking. 

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