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Plus Size Hiking Wear – Part II

It’s been a couple of years since I first complained about the lack of plus size hiking pants available and it seems that nothing has changed.

I’m still struggling to find affordable options as are a lot of you guys and do you know what, I’m so over it that I decided to do something about it!

Since what I want does not appear to currently exist I’ve decided to employ a seamstress and create a pair of plus sized hiking pants that suit my shape in a style that offers me all the functionality, pockets and elasticity that I want while not being the size of a parachute!

I’ve spent the last two months researching fabric blends and I’ve learned more about durability, breath-ability and vapor resistance than I ever thought I would care to and I believe I’ve found the perfect fabric blend and pant style to trial.

I can’t wait to share my progress and things that I learn along the way with you guys BUT in the interim I have come across a couple of AUSSIE brands that have plus sized offerings that could be up your alley!

If you’re anything like me when the weather warms up and it’s no longer prime season I start looking for gear for next season so maybe these links will help you out:

Plus Snow offers plus sized snow appropriate active wear. They’re located in Melbourne and Monica has assured us that they also offer refunds if it turns out the pants don’t quite work for you.

As a price guide their Cartell Soft Shell Ski Pant is $219 and available in sizes 16 -28!!!! I’m not sure how a ski pant will perform over here in Perth weather but these look like a great option for those in the cooler parts of Australia. That said, I’ll happily road test a pair *wink wink*.  Plus, they offer free shipping on orders of $99.95 so what have you got to lose!?

There is another upcoming option that I’m excited about;  Trail 2 Travel. I’m super hopeful that these guys will have their offerings ready prior to next season as they don’t have a range available yet BUT they’re on Facebook sharing some sneak fabric peaks and crowdsourcing suggestions for the new line; so if you’re early you might be able to offer some suggestions that will lead to some great products.

Trail2Travel are focused on the hiking market so they’re looking to create a line that performs well in the warmer, but wet weather. So, check out their page for updates as well and hopefully soon we’ll have some real options for us heavy hikers.

If you’ve found some options you think we should know about please share your greatest plus size pants buys in the comments section and help your fellow hikers find options to suit our curvy frames!

Happy Hiking.



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  1. Thanks so much for the holler! We’ve got some super exciting products coming out next May, stay tuned xx

  2. Hey.
    Great page. I just stumbled upon it.
    Like you i need a plus size. I buy my hiking clothes at Columbia.
    Give it a go. I have been writing them, so ppl Living outside the US, also get to enjoy the whole plus size line

  3. I love this blog it’s such great reading. I’m new to hiking and am finding that all the tips are really useful!! I want those hiking pants!

  4. Hi, just wondering if you’ve had any success in more recent times with finding suitable clothing?

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