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Kalbarri National Park

This week we headed for Kalbarri for some much needed R & R and the spectacular coastal walks and gorges certainly didn’t disappoint!

With the Restless Hiker in tow we were only able to hit some of the shorter walks but thankfully the Kalbarri National Park doesn’t require you to walk 100’s of kilometres to enjoy the scenery.

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Wet Weather Hiking

I am a big fan of hiking in the wet. A big fan. I prefer to come home sopping wet from hard rain than overheated, sunburnt and sweaty. But, there are a few things to consider before you head out on the trails in the rain.

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Rocky Pool – Piesse Brook Kalamunda

After some consistent rains throughout the week the “To-Be-Renamed Happy Hiker formerly known as The Angry Hiker” suggested that we head out for a walk in Kalamunda to Rocky Pool. Disclaimer: We probably didn’t give this walk it’s due respect and it certainly proved a challenge for the recently turned 5,  Restless Hiker.

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Monadnocks Conservation Area – Up Hill and Down Dale

With a beautiful, frosty Sunday upon us a day trip was on the agenda. The Silver Hiker and I decided to hit Sullivan’s Rock, Mt Vincent and Mt Cuthbert then follow on the Bibbulmun to the Monadnocks campsite, popping out at Randall Road. Which was a solid plan right up until I threw a spanner in the works saying I needed to start pre-dawn in order for me to have enough time.

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Baldwin’s Bluff, Serpentine NP

This morning I was adamant I was going to get some uni work done, so I sat down at my laptop and stared at a blank screen for 20 minutes before I realised I had nothing to write. So, I blew off uni work and went in search of sun and solitude.

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Langford Park – Jarrahdale

I was very pleased to check the weather forecast last night to find that Saturday would be very mild with showers. A recipe for bush-walking!

The Restless Hiker, The Angry Hiker and I headed out first to Kooribinjal Brook Trails thinking we’ll have a leisurely 3km stroll. Pulling off of Medulla Road we parked the car and headed out following the dry creek bed. The trail was marked with plastic ties around the trees, was not well defined and obviously not well used. We found our way across the creek and realised this tiny trail barely took us out of view of our car so we bailed from here and headed to Langford Park.

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Can’t See The Forest for The Trees

Summer is here which means my boots will be getting a rest as I prepare for next season; listing the trails I want to visit and booking annual leave for some short trips. My research brought me across a number of trails that happen to be smack bang in the middle of dieback affected bushland.

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Wungong Regional Park Roleystone – There and Back Again

Just when I thought my season was over summer went and turned on a beautiful 27ºc Saturday. I only realised how glorious the weather was going to be yesterday (Friday) So we hiked… oh boy did we hike.

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Yanchep National Park – Crystal Cave

This weekend we headed out to Yanchep National Park for something a little different! Caving!

Arriving at Yanchep Park you’re greeted at the Gate where you pay your $12 per car entry fee and are told to proceed through to the Visitors Centre to purchase your cave tickets.

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Puffed Out and Proud

Do you ever see other people when you’re out on the trails? I do. Often.  And for a moment I’m embarrassed.

I’m embarrassed because I’m puffing and panting and red in the face. I’m embarrassed because my clothes aren’t right and my water bottle has leaked, soaking my backpack.

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