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There’s an App For That – Bushwalking Apps

I’ve talked a lot about how ‘connected’ we are to social media, so I suppose this is a ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ post.

There are so many ‘apps’ out there these days, there are even some good ones for hiking!

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Solo Hiking – Staying Safe

Safety is a huge concern these days. Safety when you’re out on the trails is no different.

For this reason a lot of people prefer group hiking as opposed to solo hiking and I can understand why, but I have to wonder if you’re missing out.

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Trail Events Perth WA

Motivation is a funny thing. It can come and go like the wind.

When you have it, you have the ability to soar to your fullest potential. When you don’t have it, it can be difficult to even manage the normal day-to-day things you know you must do.

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Cape Peron – Family Friendly Trail Walking

This morning we decided to blow away some winter cobwebs and we headed to Rockingham Lakes Regional Park – Point Peron.

I’m not usually one for coastal walks but with our recent cold weather, a bout of tonsillitis and the need for some fresh air, The Restless Hiker and I decided it was a good idea to head to the shoreline!

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Contigo West Loop Autoseal Travel Mug 2.0 – AKA Heaven Mug

I love coffee. No, I LOVE coffee.

Only one a day, but a GOOD one per day.

Often when I set off on a day hike I’ll swing past my favourite coffee van for a flavour infused, sweet elixir of life before setting off in search of sun, solitude and serenity.

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Trail Pride

Trail walking is increasing in popularity. The benefit of this is that local councils and community organisations are getting on board and creating some really impressive trails.

Dwellingup is gearing up for some major improvements to it’s trail networks and are looking to create a hub, connecting them all- great hey! I’m excited!

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Wistful Wanderlust and The Responsibilities of Life

I love nomadic traveller movies and books. They capture my heart.

My all-time favourite is the 2007 movie ‘Into The Wild’ – the story about Christopher McCandless and his attempts to escape his ‘normal’ existence by burning all his money, giving away all his possessions and setting off on a nomadic journey ultimately taking him into the Alaskan wilderness.

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Sixty Foot Falls and Unexpected Discoveries

I have walked the 60 Foot Falls trail multiple times and in both directions and every time there is something new to discover- but this time, it’s not what you might think.

Ellis Brook Valley in Martin is home to a few trails and the facilities and roads are quite well maintained including boot scrubbers at the trail entrances to prevent the spread of dieback; but it wasn’t the facilities that captured my attention.

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What’s Weight Got to Do With It?

There are a LOT of great hiking blogs out there these days.

By no means do I put myself in the same category of some of the career hiking bloggers that have devoted themselves to equipping and informing hikers everywhere. Not by a long shot.

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Hiking With Kids – Easier Than It Sounds

It’s school holidays, which means the kids are in your face, pestering you for food whilst coming down with a serious case of the “I’m Boreds”

In Western Australia we have access to great family hikes that are suitable for kids.

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