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Solar Powered Battery Pack

Like everyone, I hate it when my phone battery dies.

I hate it more when I’m out hiking and realise I can’t take anymore photos.

Hiking and photography often go hand in hand as there are so many views and experiences to capture out there.

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Same Hike. Same Person. Two Entirely Different Experiences

There are many variables to consider when you hike. Some, like gear and company, you can control. Others like weather and ill health, you can’t.

I’ve hiked to the summit of Bluff Knoll twice and both times were entirely different experiences.

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So, You’ve Decided to Start Hiking

Great decision.

Hiking is a fun and easy way to get some exercise into your weekend as well as offering you a chance to enjoy some sunshine on your face or savour the feel of WA rain in the winter.

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Hiking: Because I Want to Feel Something

Numb. Sitting in the office. Staring out the window. Numb.

This was me, a few years ago. Lost in a sea of paperwork, no longer true to myself and in desperate need to feel something. I wanted to feel alive again.

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