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Mundaring Weir > Ball Creek Campsite & Return

Today I did the thing I hate… I did a ‘there and back’ hike. I really hate covering the same ground twice but sometimes these things just can’t be helped! Walking on my own today I didn’t have the luxury of a car swap at either end and so I had no choice but to go in and out on the same trail. I will eventually be an “End to Ender” on the Bibbulmun but if this out and back thing continues I’ll have walked the darn thing twice! Anyway… enough grumbling. 

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Sixty Foot Falls and Unexpected Discoveries

I have walked the 60 Foot Falls trail multiple times and in both directions and every time there is something new to discover- but this time, it’s not what you might think.

Ellis Brook Valley in Martin is home to a few trails and the facilities and roads are quite well maintained including boot scrubbers at the trail entrances to prevent the spread of dieback; but it wasn’t the facilities that captured my attention.

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