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Cape Peron – Family Friendly Trail Walking

This morning we decided to blow away some winter cobwebs and we headed to Rockingham Lakes Regional Park – Point Peron.

I’m not usually one for coastal walks but with our recent cold weather, a bout of tonsillitis and the need for some fresh air, The Restless Hiker and I decided it was a good idea to head to the shoreline!

The Point Peron area is home to many different trails. All of them are fairly family friendly and there are some beautiful coves and look-out points to explore; as well as the ruins of WWII batteries and bunkers originally built to defend the coastline and Garden Island.


Walking straight up from the first section of the Shoalwater Bay car-park, towards the communication tower offers you amazing views of the bay on all sides.


Unfortunately you can’t go into the bunker anymore but it’s still nice to explore some of WA’s history. We encountered many dog walkers and fitness walkers who make good use of the rocky stairs up to the Communication Tower.


This short, but picturesque walk was great fun for The Restless Hiker who could be fairly free to explore the trails. We walked down from the communication tower and out towards to John Point. The fresh winds blowing straight across the bay were just what the doctor ordered.


The trails are all sandy with some worn concrete sections. You could easily make it out to John Point from the Mangles Bay carpark if you have an off-road buggy with the little ones.


Our total distance was only 2.2 kilometres. You could make it longer if you decided to explore all the different coves and look-out points. You could also extend your walk from Mangles Bay around the beach and up towards the Rockingham foreshore.

If you’re looking for a nice walk with the little people or a place to take the dogs then the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park might be the hidden treasure you’re looking for.

But please, if you take your dogs, keep them on the lead and clean up after them. We did encounter a disgruntled jogger who had, shall we say, spoiled his shoes… poor bloke.

Happy hiking.

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